Barcodes for Cards

You have three choices when it comes to getting barcodes for postcards or greeting cards:

(1) Each card could be assigned a different 13-digit EAN-13 retail bar code EAN-13

This is the best way to go. Retailers prefer this because (a) your barcodes will definitely be compatible with whatever barcoding system they have; and (b) it means that they can do an automatic stock-take (ie. reordering new cards, when the existing stock is selling out, is made much easier). Please scroll down to order an EAN-13 Barcode Package.


(2) All of the cards could use the same EAN-13 barcode number, with an extra 2-digit add-on barcode at the end (ranging from 01 up to 99, to represent the different cards)barcode

The disadvantage of this option is that only some retail inventory systems recognise the 2-digit add-on barcodes (others will simply read the first 13 digits, and ignore the 2-digit add ons). If your retailer’s system copes with add-on barcodes, then this option will work well and allows your retailer to do automatic stock-takes. If your retailer’s system doesn’t cope with add-on barcodes then all the barcodes will be treated as if they have the same (13 digit) barcode number – the inventory system won’t be able to differentiate between them. This means that your retailer would need to do manual stock-takes and reordering. If you are interested in this option please send us an email to get a quote ([email protected]).


(3) All of the cards could use the same EAN-13 barcode


This means that the retailer’s inventory system will treat all cards exactly the same, so the retailer will need to keep a close eye on which cards are selling out the fastest and which ones they need to reorder (their system can’t automatically do this for them). Please note that you need a different EAN-13 barcode number for each different price category. If you have two different price groups (e.g. your standard birthday cards sell for 7 Euro each, but your larger cards sell for 10 Euro each) then you would need 2 different EAN-13 barcodes. Please scroll down to order EAN-13 Barcode Packages.


We have lots of experience providing barcodes for use on greeting cards and postcards. Please send us an email if you’d like any advice, or a quote – [email protected].


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